About us

ENVIROSAFE for Environmental Engineering Consultancy was established by a group of experts with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Environmental Engineering. The firm has a core of highly specialized personnel whereby capabilities of various specialties are formed in association with forming a task force well selected and balanced to suit every particular situation.

ENVIROSAFE has acquired substantial experience in different scopes related to the protection of the environment, and it has experience in providing technical support in the following fields:

·Preparation of environmental impact assessments (EIAs)/ (ESIAs). ·Industrial pollution audits. ·Preparation of compliance action plans (CAPs) ·Preparation of environmental registers/ Hazardous materials & hazardous wastes registers.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable service provider in the field of environmental engineering consultancy wherever we are

Our Mission

We enrich the market with providing expert advice and services in the fields of environmental engineering and environmental management aiming to achieve pollution abatement and protection of the environment to ensure compliance to environmental regulations relying on our qualified caliber and innovative solutions sustaining continuous improvement across Middle East

Permanent Staff Members

Eng. Nermin Ibrahim Gaafar : Executive & Technical Manager (Chemical Engineer & accredited Environmental Consultant from EEAA)
Eng. Reham Gamil Ibrahim : Projects Engineer
Mr. Samir Mohamed El Sawah : Financial Manager
Mrs. Asmaa Magdy : Secretary & Administration department

Assisting Consultants:

  Dr. Zekry Ghattas (Enviro Alex) : Approved laboratory in environmental measurements (Air quality, Stacks emissions, Noise, Work place, Ambient, Emissions … etc), water & wastewater analysis.
Eng. Mahmoud El Shawry (Pioneers) : Approved laboratory in environmental measurements (Air quality, stacks emissions, Noise, Work place, Ambient, Emissions … etc).
Dr. Sohair Abu El Ela : Wastewater analysis approved laboratory
Eng. Mohamed Sherif : Socio-economic studies, QRA, Noise Modeling and Carbon footprint Consultant
Eng. Ussama El Faramawy : Air dispersion Modeling Consultant.
Eng. Mohamed Zaki : Electromechanical Engineering Consultant
Eng. Moeness Ali : Civil Engineering Consultant, Egyptian Engineering Syndicate
Dr. Omar Fatehy : CEMS Consultant.
Eng. Saeid Eissa : Health, Safety and Fire Fighting consultant.
Eng. Hosny Rabie : Safety and Fire Fighting consultant.
Eng. Mohamed Hwehy : Noise Modeling Consultant
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